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Fulcrum Publishing ISBN 1-55591-139-0
Mountains of the Heart
A Natural History of the Appalachians
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Detailed Description

Scott Weidensaul


246 pages

6 x 9

b&w photographs & b&w illustrations

Stretching almost unbroken from Alabama to Belle Isle, Newfoundland, the Appalachians are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. In Mountains of the Heart, renowned author and avid naturalist Scott Weidensaul shows how geology, ecology, climate, evolution, and 500 million years of history have shaped one of the continents greatest landscapes into an ecosystem of unmatched diversity and beauty.

Weidensaul examines the ways in which unprecedented pressure from human encroachment, pollution, disease, and other ills have affected the mountains, as well as the various recovery efforts that are underway to heal this "bruised but resilient land."

"Scott Weidensaul doesnt just write books, he lives them . . . more than good reads, theyre journeys through time and space."

—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Mountains of the Heart is a masterpiece encompassing Scott Weidensauls mastery of language and nature. His ability to notice, catch, and distill fragments of beauty missed by others, make this the sort of book yearned for by all who cherish wild things and wild places."

—Audubon magazine

" . . . a wonderfully natural and ecological history of the Appalachian Mountain range."

—Library Journal

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