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Thayer Birding Software 9999025230
Thayer’s Birds of North America Gold Edition DVD, Version 5.5
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Version 5.5 now available with over 500 extra photos. The best just got better! Thayer Birding Software's Gold Edition DVD for Windows, Version 5.5 is the ultimate birding resource. Photographs from world-class nature photographers along with songs, sonograms, action videos and detailed range maps all from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology, make this DVD a must-have for your birding library. This easy to use program offers a wealth of information on 970 species of birds including: 3,431 photos, 719 songs, alarm calls, chip notes and mating songs with sonograms, 552 action videos of birds in their natural habitat, 970 detailed range maps and 837 abundance maps and thousands of variations on over 700 quizzes. This is the definitive edition of birding software! The new version 5.5 includes almost 500 new photos showing bird's eggs and nests! Identify Unknown Birds Eliminate the guesswork with the Identification Wizard. Enter the bird's colors, size, habitat and location and instantly see a photo gallery of all the birds matching your description. Zoom in for startling close-ups and compare photos and songs of multiple birds, side-by-side, for accurate identification. Even if you never see the bird, you can identify it just by its song! Hone Your Birding Skills Take one of the hundreds of quizzes or create your own quiz. Select flash card, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or pick-one for hours of enjoyment and education! iPod and MP3 Compatible Easily export photos and songs for all the birds to your iPod or MP3 player for use in the field. Focus on one area or species by creating your own custom playlists. Track the Birds You See Keep a record of the date and location of your bird sightings. How many species have you seen? Highly Detailed New Range Maps and Videos 970 range maps show far greater detail such as state outlines and wintering ranges in Central and South America. Action Videos Also from Cornell, over 550 new action videos of your favorite birds in their natural habitat; at the nest, in flight and in the water. The Birder's Handbook Added Bonus: The Birder's Handbook, a classic 700 page bird reference book is also included in electronic format! Read over 250 essays and find out about the nesting habits, diet and life cycle of each species. 970 Birds of North America Even the very rare and accidental birds can be seen on the Gold DVD. The taxonomic list of bird species was updated in December 2011 and includes the latest ABA and AOU changes to their checklists, including 12 new accidental species not included in version 5.0. Band Codes for All Birds Now Use 4-digit Band Codes to find a bird. Enter AMRO to see American Robin. Hone your knowledge of band codes with the new band code quiz! Gold Edition Exclusives: Import YOUR OWN Photos,Songs and Videos Your photos, songs and videos now integrate seamlessly, appearing everywhere—In quizzes, the Field Guide pages and even Side-by-side comparisons! Imagine seeing your own photos included on a quiz for local birds, just as if they had been included on the original DVD! Perfect for shutterbugs! You may also import photos, songs and videos from the Internet and songs from other audio CDs you own. "My Quizzes" Quiz Yourself on Anything Easily create your own quizzes on Butterflies, Wildflowers, Birds of the World—and more! This incredible new feature offers users the ability to use the DVD as a learning tool for endless subjects! Simply amazing! System Requirements & Technical Support Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000; 1 Gig RAM; DVD drive; 6 GB free space on hard drive; plus hardware and software required to support multimedia applications. Technical support requires Internet access. [Works on 32-bit or 64-bit computers.] This program will run on Mac computers running a Windows emulation program. Two DVD discs included plus an electronic User's Manual AND The Birder's Handbook (a 700+ page book) in electronic format!

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